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Solving Operational Issues

Our leadership team is comprised of retired government acquisition professionals, senior military officers, interagency government service professionals and executives with large defense industry experience. We provide support to our customers’ operations, logistics, training needs, and global security requirements while diligently focused on mission success.

Africa Peacekeeping Program

SkyBridge Tactical shall provide training, logistics services and construction support to African countries and regional organizations to enhance their capacity to prevent, manage and resolve their own conflicts. Work to be performed under this IDIQ may include logistics support, construction, military training, maritime security capacity building, equipment procurement, operational deployment for peacekeeping troops, aerial surveillance, counter-terrorism capacity building activities, and conference facilitation.


A task order to provide full lifecycle maintenance support to mission-critical systems and vehicles for the U.S. Army’s Program Executive Office, Combat Support and Service Support (PEO CS & CSS) and its customers under the Allied Logistics Engineering Capabilities and Sustainment (ALECS) program.

Assessment, Monitoring, and Evaluation

The Assessments, Monitoring, and Evaluation (AM&E) Contract is designed to provide the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) with SME support services to the AM&E of Security Cooperation Programs.

Contracts under AM&E Include:
Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) Global Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation (GAME)
Providing ongoing programs support services to the Defense Security Cooperation Agency’s (DSCA) Assessment, Monitoring, and Evaluation (AM&E) program, which in turn will enable the Government to document key elements critical to furthering organizational learning. Partner nations engaged through SC authorities frequently have gaps and shortfalls in their military and security capabilities and capacities, as well as a wide range of political, economic, and social conditions, that prevent their carrying out certain roles that the U.S. and partner nations have mutually agreed they will assume perform to forward joint security goals. Countries may experience political turbulence, economic recession, internal conflict, and the effects of regional challenges including state to state dispute, conflict with cross border and non-state armed groups (who may or may not be sponsored by other states), and conflict resulting from illicit trafficking networks. Such conditions can have an impact – positive or negative – on the U.S.’ ability to implement U.S. security cooperation programs with partner organizations. Implementation of AM&E policy requires capturing not only the performance of the U.S. government in executing activities, but also monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the activities in achieving desired outcomes and accounting for key elements of the operating environment.

Theatre Support Services

The scope of the Theatre Support Services contract is to provide USSOCOM and its mission partners internet-based MISO capabilities to counter malign influence and its impacts on regional stability through the AORs of the CCMDs. Additionally, the TSS TO will provide various metrics analysis and planning that assist the Government in preparation for future threats.
This effort provides internet-based MISO capabilities to functional and geographic CCMDs along with other strategic partners. Initial planned TO participants include the following functional and geographic CCMDs:
b. United States Africa Command (USAFRICOM).
c. United States European Command (USEUCOM).
d. United States Central Command (USCENTCOM).
e. United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM).
f. United States Indo-Pacific Command (USINDOPACOM).
g. United States Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM).
h. United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM).
i. Other Strategic Partners.
Providing internet-based MISO planning and execution services to the CCMDs. Planning and execution services include the analysis and production of assessments, which evaluate friendly and adversary online operations, capabilities, MISO Objectives (MOs), and gaps as they pertain to the CCMD’s MISO mission. This task also includes synthesizing strategic goals with capabilities to identify future requirements and potential shortfalls and examining organizations, systems, processes, interoperability, technology, and personnel. The objective is to provide operational effectiveness, reduce risk, and provide actionable recommendations tailored to the CCMD’s MISO mission.
We provide the capability, cultural and linguistic expertise, and personnel to conduct internet-based MISO. The contractor shall provide translation capabilities to conduct internet-based MISO, from a planning, analysis, execution, and assessment standpoint. The contractor shall purchase relevant marketing strategies, media, licenses, and subscriptions in order to fulfill TO requirements using a variety of different payment mechanisms.

Global Engineering(GXP)

Global Engineering’s (GXP) mission is to provide electrical, electronic, and design engineering, software engineering, acquisition, development, production, test and evaluation, integrated logistics support, reliability, maintenance, and sustainment functions for a variety of platform, launch, and missile systems, as well as transportation equipment, test facilities, and shelters.

Desert Defender

Desert Defender Ground Combat Readiness Training Center (DDGCRTC) is the Air Force’s Force Protection Center of Excellence, and the mission directly supports the Air Force’s distinctive capabilities of Air and Space Superiority, Global Attack, Rapid Global Mobility, Precision Engagement, Information Superiority, and Agile Combat Support. Through the command channels of Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center (AFIMSC) and Air Force Material Command (AFMC), AFSFC provides war-winning mission support and capabilities to Air Force commanders worldwide.

DDGCRTC is a Primary Subordinate Unit (PSU) under the Air Force Security Forces Center (AFSFC), an organization within the Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC). The Functional System Owner of these systems is the HAF/A4S Air Staff, Pentagon, Washington, D.C.  The AFSFC is responsible for staff actions involving management of programs; development and resourcing of requirements; seeking innovative solutions; providing policy, resource advocacy and guidance across the force protection spectrum in the areas of doctrine, antiterrorism and training; conducting vulnerability assessments; and management of AF courts-martial members.

The Security Forces Academy, 343d Training Squadron, provides Initial Skills training for recruits joining the ranks of the Security Forces. Operating under the purview of the 37th Training Wing, providing AETC training curriculum to roughly 5,000 initial and advanced skills students annually.

Special Operation Forces (SOF) Mobile Technology Repair Complex

MTRC provides timely and responsive means, to Repair, Modify, and Enhance current capabilities of SOF systems and sub-systems as well as Design, Engineer, and Fabricate new equipment to increase the lethality and survivability of SOF operators worldwide.

Seaport NXG

SeaPort NXG is the US Navy contract vehicle for procuring engineering, technical, logistics, program management and financial support services. SkyBridge was awarded an ID/IQ (indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity) multiple award contract (MAC) on 30 June 2016.


Combined Arms Support Command (CASCOM) serves as the United States Army’s force modernization proponent for OCS. To execute these responsibilities, the TRADOC Commander established TPO-OCS within CASCOM headquarters. TPO-OCS develops, implements, integrates, and synchronizes DOTMLPF solutions ISO the OCS non-acquisition functions of contract support integration and contractor management, and coordinates contract support solutions with other Army agencies to enhance the Total Army’s OCS capabilities. CASCOM requires Contractor expertise and services to meet these responsibilities.

In this contract we provide personnel to support the operational contract support (OCS) doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel, facilities (DOTMLPF) development and integration services in support of (ISO) Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Proponent Office for Operational Contract Support (TPO-OCS).

Global Disaster Solutions

Provides SOF operators as security and medical support contractors to assist Cotton Global Disaster Solutions (GDS) personnel in Acapulco, Mexico in response to Hurricane OTIS disaster relief efforts.  This support includes medical and security of personnel through visibility, deterrence, monitoring, and assessing post-storm security risks at designated facilities as directed by Cotton Global Disaster Solutions (GDS).

Staff Augmentation Support

  • Staffing Supplier for ManTech
  • Staffing Supplier for General Dynamics – Mission Support
  • Staffing Supplier for General Dynamics – IT
  • Currently staffing technical resources such as Java, .Net Developers, Auto/Manual QA Analysts, IT Project Managers, and Infrastructure resources.