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Granite Creek Range Complex


Sheridan, MT


Granite Creek Range Complex (GCRC) is a premiere, full service, comprehensive training facility and range complex enabling SOF Teams to conduct specialized training ranging from individual shoot, move and communicate skill sets through Full Spectrum, Jointly Integrated, Full Mission Profile and Pre-Mission Training exercises.

GCRC has provided world class kinetic and non-kinetic training opportunities and support for multiple DOD, Interagency, and USSOCOM organizations ranging from SR, DA & UW scenario based events to high altitude long-range patrolling, medical, survival & pack animal training events.


Due to terrain, weather and other operational environmental challenges, which closely resemble current conflict areas, GCRC is ideally situated Stateside training facility that replicates conditions and environments where SOF Warfighters are taking the fight to the adversaries of our nation. Its use is offered exclusively to Military and Federal Law Enforcement.

As one of the event locations for the national Rifleman’s Team Challenge series, GCRC hosts the annual Granite Creek Sniper Challenge (June 3rd- 4th 2017), where 30 two-man teams compete to hone long range marksmanship skill sets.


  • 30° Uphill / Downhill High Angle /Slant Range Engagement areas from 150 to 1120 meters
  • Aerial Platform Sniping Range
  • 6,000 ft to 7,000 ft Elevation Long Distance Range
  • Unimpeded 2000 meter KD Lane
  • Undulating to Rough Terrain Engagement Areas
  • High-Wind Field Fire Engagement Areas
  • Low to No Mirage-Cross Valley 2,000 meter Lane
  • Barometric Pressure Change +/- 1.5” a day
  • Larue Sniper Targets out to 1,200 meters
  • Thermal Targetry
  • Configurable Range Set-Ups
  • Winter Warfare Training
  • Full Mission Profiles
  • Corporate Leadership Training
  • Horse and Mule Pack Training


Bill Wood
(406) 596-7618