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    Chief Executive Officer and Chairman

    Mr. Stephen Rumbley is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of SkyBridge Tactical, LLC. Mr. Rumbley started as a consultant with SkyBridge Tactical before becoming a Managing Partner in 2013. He retired from USSOCOM as a Special Forces Major after having 20+ years in Special Operations as an Officer and Enlisted Soldier. Mr. Rumbley’s last assignment at SOCOM was as an Acquisition Professional where he managed the weapons portfolio for both the theater and national Special Operation Forces.

    Mr. Rumbley has vast experience overseas with multiple combat rotations throughout the Middle East and extensive humanitarian work in Africa and Central and South America; working directly with Host Nation Partners and Non-Governmental Organizations.

    Mr. Rumbley’s military assignments include 5th Special Forces Group (SFG); 3rd SFG, 7th SFG, 1st Ranger Battalion and several Long Range Surveillance Detachments. He holds an MBA and MS in International Relations along with BS in Biology from University of Tampa.


    Co-Founder/Silent Partner

    Mr. Randall Bahlow is the Co-Founder/Silent Partner of SkyBridge Tactical, LLC. Mr. Bahlow also is the President and Founder of SkyBridge Resources – commercial recruiting/staffing organization. He has worked in the Defense and Commercial Industry for the past 25 years. Prior to SkyBridge, Mr. Bahlow had over 10 years working experience at Aerotek managing the Eastern United States with annual revenues in excess $750M.

    Mr. Bahlow has vast experience in executive on-boarding and IT staffing and holds a BS in Political Science from Florida State University (FSU).

  • Tommy Broome

    Senior Vice President, Business Development and Growth

    Mr. Tommy Broome is the Vice President and Director of Business Development, Capture and Proposals and joined the SkyBridge Tactical Team in April 2019 through the USSOCOM Care Coalition Fellowship Program. He retired from the U.S. Army in 2019 with over 22 years of experience.

    Mr. Broome’s DoD experience includes support to US SOF, Inter-Agency, Inter-Governmental, and other agencies with the last 12 years of his career serving at all levels, including Squadron Commander, throughout the Army’s Asymmetric Warfare Group (AWG). He has numerous combat rotations to the Middle East supporting the GWOT as well as missions throughout Africa and South East Asia supporting US SOF, Host Nation militaries and the Department of State.

    Mr. Broome’s other assignments include the 82nd Airborne Division, 5th Ranger Training Battalion, and Fort Benning, GA. He holds a B.S. in Business Administration from The Citadel, Charleston, SC.

  • Annette Godin


    Human Resources and Security Director

    Annette Godin joined SkyBridge Tactical in 2016, where she serves as Human Resources and Security Director. With over ten years of Human Resources and Security experience in DoD and Interagency Industries, Annette has been instrumental in assisting with the company’s growth. She is an expert in a variety of services such as Human Resources Administration, and received her SHRM-CP license in 2020.

    Annette has held positions of Facility Security and Contracting Program Security Officer within DoD Industry firms, with a deep understanding on obtaining and implementing facility clearance licensing, as well as the construction of secure and sensitive spaces in accordance with Department of Defense Manual- Executive Services Directorate. She is also responsible for managing multiple facilities, including personnel and asset management, security contracts administrator, and security training for all company personnel. Our company’s many successes can be traced directly to Annette’s efforts.

  • Richard Minchew


    Senior Program Manager

    Mr. Richard Minchew is a Senior Program Manager of SkyBridge Tactical, LLC. Mr. Minchew started as a Special Operational Forces Technician and then Operations Manager on the Mobile Technology Repair Complex (MTRC) for USSOCOM with SkyBridge Tactical. He served the company on multiple deployments in the Middle East and various countries in Africa before becoming the MTRC and VEMOS Program Manager in 2019. Mr. Minchew has worked and strived in Personnel Management for over 12 years in multiple industries and continues to use his experiences in support of SkyBridge Tactical.

    He served as a Senior Special Forces Communication Sergeant at 7th Special Forces Group (SFG). Mr. Minchew also served as a Special Operations Terminal Attack Controller (SOTAC) during his time at 7th SFG and carried out multiple missions in the Middle East in this capacity during Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). Mr. Minchew has vast experience overseas with multiple combat rotations throughout the Middle East and extensive Counter Narcotics in Central and South America; working directly with Host Nation Partners and Non-Governmental Organizations.

  • Bryan Andrews

    Program Manager

    Mr. Bryan Andrews started as the assistant operations manager for Skybridge Tactical in 2014 working on IEWTPT and MTRC, then became the Operations Manager in 2016, he was promoted to a program manager in 2019. With over 9 years of program management experience directing domestic and international programs in support of US Special Operations no-fail complex programs including interagency, Department of Defense, and the private sector in heavily contested and uncertain environments. Mr. Andrews manages the GXP missile launching program out of NSW Crane, Indiana, Counter Narcotics and Global Threats (CN&GT), Web Support Program (WSP), and Identity Intelligence Exploitation Cell (i2EC), in Tampa, FL and manages the Special Operations Command VEMOS Italy program out of Vicenza, Italy. He is a certified FAA part 107 drone pilot to execute missions on SkyBridge’s 6,000-acre mountainous ranch in Montana and holds a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of North Dakota and has initiated multiple legal entities, joint ventures, and contracting companies for SkyBridge Tactical.

  • Phelps


    Lead Finance Analyst

    Mr. Jamie M. Phelps is a Lead Finance Analyst of SkyBridge Tactical, LLC. Mr. Phelps retired from the U.S. Army as a Comptroller in March 2019.  He became a member of the Skybridge Tactical Family in 2018, working with them initially under a successful Fellowship Program with the USSOCOM Care Coalition.

    Mr. Phelps has over 20 years of Financial Management experience supporting DoD, Joint / Combined Forces in matters of Military Pay, Central Disbursing (cash on the battlefield) and hundreds of Operational Fund (OPFUND) teams. With over 12 years supporting SOF, Mr. Phelps is uniquely skilled in the management and execution of Major Force Program (MFP) – 11, Special Operations.

    Mr. Phelps’ military assignments include CJSOTF-Afghanistan, 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne), 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), 101st and 10th Service Support Battalions. He has and MBA and EMPA from Syracuse University, and a BA in Business Management from Eastern Kentucky University.

  • Katherine Fredlund

    Katherine Fredlund

    Director of Finance

    Katherine Fredlund joined SkyBridge Tactical in 2022 as the Director of Finance. Katherine is an experienced Financial & Business Management professional, supporting both the Government and Commercial industry. She is an expert in FAR Regulations, Contract Management, Cost Accounting Standards, and Government Contract Accounting. Katherine has focused her career on financial process implementation, and assisting small business meet their business growth goals through establishing business practices and operational procedures.

    Katherine received her certification in Government Contract Accounting in 2021, as well as a certification in Executive Leadership from the University of Notre Dame.

    Prior to entering the Finance and Business profession, Katherine Served in The US Army in Logistics Operations, and was a certified Law Enforcement Officer for the Lee County Sherriff Office.