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Africa Peacekeeping Program (AFRICAP)


Department of State Bureau of African Affairs


Across Africa continent 


SkyBridge Tactical shall provide training, logistics services and construction support to African countries and regional organizations to enhance their capacity to prevent, manage and resolve their own conflicts. Work to be performed under this IDIQ may include logistics support, construction, military training, maritime security capacity building, equipment procurement, operational deployment for peacekeeping troops, aerial surveillance, counter-terrorism capacity building activities, and conference facilitation.


Training, Monitoring, and Advisory Services

  • Provide training, monitoring and advisory services
  • Conduct training to enable host government security forces and defense sector representatives to more effectively command, control, sustain, train, and perform specialized functions that support the military
  • Provide advisors to provide guidance and assistance to African or international partners
  • Develop and provide Programs of Instruction (POIs) for all courses
  • Provide complete progress reports on the training schedule, POIs associated with the proposed training, inventory lists for all equipment and materials procured for the training support, as well as total equipment and personnel on site

Logistics Support Services

  • Provide transportation services including, but not limited to, the provision of ground, sea, and aviation assets and all required support to include labor, parts, material, fuel, transportation, drivers and supervision as necessary to assist a troop contributing country’s (TCC) preparation, deployment, and sustainment of operations
  • Provide air cargo handling and warehousing services
  • Provide operational and training equipment
  • Provide New Equipment Training to Host Nation and Partner Nation forces
  • Provide all sustainment services
  • Provide Medical Support

Construction Services and Activities

  • Provide site assessments at new construction sites and existing Host Nation/Partner Nation facilities
  • Provide construction and site drawings/designs
  • Construct temporary camps for contractors, host-nation military forces, peacekeeping forces, or other third parties as requested
  • Conduct civil works construction activities, to include the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and natural environment
  • Provide mechanical construction services, including improvements to existing host nation/partner nation structures
  • Provide construction materials and related property
  • Maintain property until the property is transferred to and accepted by a DOS-designated representative via removal from contractor property books
  • Attend or conduct work coordination meetings with other project employees and subcontractors