Richard Minchew


Senior Program Manager

Mr. Richard Minchew is a Senior Program Manager of SkyBridge Tactical, LLC. Mr. Minchew started as a Special Operational Forces Technician and then Operations Manager on the Mobile Technology Repair Complex (MTRC) for USSOCOM with SkyBridge Tactical. He served the company on multiple deployments in the Middle East and various countries in Africa before becoming the MTRC and VEMOS Program Manager in 2019. Mr. Minchew has worked and strived in Personnel Management for over 12 years in multiple industries and continues to use his experiences in support of SkyBridge Tactical.

He served as a Senior Special Forces Communication Sergeant at 7th Special Forces Group (SFG). Mr. Minchew also served as a Special Operations Terminal Attack Controller (SOTAC) during his time at 7th SFG and carried out multiple missions in the Middle East in this capacity during Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). Mr. Minchew has vast experience overseas with multiple combat rotations throughout the Middle East and extensive Counter Narcotics in Central and South America; working directly with Host Nation Partners and Non-Governmental Organizations.