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Focus Areas

Applying our skills developed in support of Special Operations, we execute scalable program support, employing small, agile, multifunctional teams with a variety of skillsets to meet our customers’ most challenging needs. As required, we provide readily vetted, relevant, language proficient and culturally matched expertise across a variety of focused services.

SkyBridge Tactical’s organizational structure follows our paradigm of efficient and scalable management. We strive to eliminate bureaucracy and delegate decision making to the most effective level. This provides the flexibility and responsiveness to rapidly respond to our customers’ operational needs, leading to a superior record of service.

Training & Assessments

  • Granite Creek Complex (GCRC)
  • Mobile Training Teams
  • Executive Leadership Training
  • Develop Lesson plans for Specific Situations or Missions
  • Instructional Systems Design and Analysis
  • Operational Assessment and Analysis

Expeditionary Logistics & Construction

  • Specialized Logistics in Austere Locations
  • Logistics Management, Information Management, and Maintenace Management
  • Sustainment Training
  • Supply Chain Logistics professionals
  • Vet Local Contractors
  • Protect Site Assets and Interests

Engineering, Advisory and Consulting

  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Design Services
  • Expert CBRNE Advisory and Consulting
  • Pre-design infrastructure feasibility and concept planning
  • Program Management
  • Cultural Awareness Advisory and Mentoring

C5ISR, SIGINT & IT Services

  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Threat Assessments
  • Vulnerability Studies
  • Special Test Equipment and Techniques
  • Support Software Developers scripting with a variety of Program Languages
  • IT Support and Mission Services

Staff Augmentation & Consulting

  • IT experts
  • Lesson Plan Developers
  • Doctrine & Tactics/Techniques Experts for Mission Planning
  • Vehicle Maintainers & Mechanics
  • Intelligence Analysts
  • Supply Chain Logistics Professionals

Ground Maintenance, Repair & Fabrication

  • Materials, Technology and Equipment Analysis
  • Instrument Test Support
  • HUMINT Support to Site Leads and Exercise Development
  • Lifecycle Support
  • Equipment Repair, Maintenance, Modification and Prototyping