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Counter Narcotics and Global Threats Training


Contracting, ACC AMIC/PK
AFPEO/CM – Air Force Program Executive Officer for Combat and Mission Support (AFPEO/CM)
AFICA/KC – Air Force Installation Contracting Agency, Operating Location Langley
MIRT – Multi-functional Independent Review Team




To provide training support services, equipment, material, instruction, and products to improve the capability of US and partner nation agencies’ capability and expertise to detect, deter, disrupt, degrade and national security threats posed by illegal drugs, trafficking, piracy, transnational organized crime, threat finance networks, and any potential nexus among these activities.


  • Support all organizations supporting or supported by DASD (CN&GT), and those conducting CN/CT work or other work with a CN/CT nexus
  • Activities to transfer knowledge, skills, abilities to improve individual or organizational performance or create a required level of competency
  • Training Assessment – Determine feasibility of providing training to an intended organization / audience
  • Training Development – Recommend / provide: training aids; instructor / student / personnel material, needs, qualifications, limitations; timeline; facilities; locations
  • Training Delivery – Provide instruction / training products; retrain; document progress, outcomes, successful completion; assess effectiveness of medium / instructors